Small Business

If you are a small business and do not have the office space for a secretary or personal assistant, then our services are what you are looking for.  We have a complete office fit-out and software to accommodate your needs.

Large Business

So you are at a bottleneck - too much work and not enough staff.  You know that it won't last forever though, so you want someone to assist through that busy period.  You could hire us to temp as and when needed (Warkworth to the North Shore).

One-off Jobs

If you need help with jobs like creating templates, have a report that is in dire need of formatting, variation orders, minutes, letters, mail merge or data export tidy up (the list goes on), we can certainly help.


Digital Signatures/Locking Documents

A small part of our business is creating digital signatures which is done at your office.  A digital signature can come in handy if you are not in the office to sign a document in person.  We can also merge various documents (Word, Excel) together into PDF's and encrypt them, ready for sending.


Transcriptions or Copy Typing

We are touch typists, so your copy typing or transcriptions are in good hands.  And if you require someone to edit your sentences so that they make sense, there is a bundle of experience found at KS Secretarial Services.

Mail Outs

Who doesn't love a mail out?!  We have two students to help with this, both of whom come highly recommended and have great work ethics.


Next Steps...

If any of the above has sounded like it could be of help, definitely contact us.  We'd love to hear from you!